Docker & Docker Compose

Run With Docker

This guide will get you up and running using docker. If you want to us the geth binary please navigate to the bottom section of the page here.

Get Docker

  1. Install Docker (
    • If your Docker distribution does not contain docker-compose, follow this to install Docker Compose
    • Make sure your Docker daemon has at least 4G memory
    • Required: Docker Engine 18.02.0+ and Docker Compose 1.21+

Install The Masa Testnet Node v1.01

The Docker compose file also launches the Node UI which can be accessed at the following URL

Navigate here to interact with the node

git clone
cd masa-node-v1.0

Directory structure

├── network
│   ├── testnet
│       ├── genesis.json
├── node
│   ├── data
├── src
│   ├── ui
│   ├── geth files
│   ├── ...
├── docker-compose.yml
├── genesis.json

Run Docker

  1. Run PRIVATE_CONFIG=ignore docker-compose up -d

    cd masa-node-v1.0
    PRIVATE_CONFIG=ignore docker-compose up -d
  2. Run docker ps to verify that you masa-node container is healthy

  3. Run docker logs <container-name> -f to view the logs for a particular container

  4. Note: to attach geth to your node Javascript console (use the same container id or name from docker ps

    docker exec -it masa-node-v10_masa-node_1 /bin/sh
    geth attach /qdata/dd/geth.ipc
    Welcome to the Geth JavaScript console!
    instance: Geth/node1-istanbul/v1.9.24-stable-d5ef77ca(quorum-v21.7.1)/linux-amd64/go1.15.5
    coinbase: 0xa3178965a2022c8374afe6690182f54d48208d0a
    at block: 18008 (Thu Dec 09 2021 20:45:32 GMT+0000 (UTC))
    datadir: /qdata/dd
    modules: admin:1.0 debug:1.0 eth:1.0 istanbul:1.0 miner:1.0 net:1.0 personal:1.0 rpc:1.0 txpool:1.0 web3:1.0
    To exit, press ctrl-d
  5. To shutdown the Masa Testnet Node

    docker-compose down

Troubleshooting Docker

  1. Docker is frozen or containers crash and reboot
    • Check if your Docker daemon is allocated enough memory (minimum 4G)

Additional Bootnodes

Masa operates several bootnodes, one is already included in the Docker file by default. If you are having issues connecting to the bootnode please use an alternaitve from the list below.

We are also looking for community run bootnodes to add to our list. Please reach out to us on Discord or Submit a PR to this repo if you want to add a bootnode to the community list.

Masa Bootnodes

enode://ac6b1096ca56b9f6d004b779ae3728bf83f8e22453404cc3cef16a3d9b96608bc[email protected]

enode://91a3c3d5e76b0acf05d9abddee959f1bcbc7c91537d2629288a9edd7a3df90aca[email protected]

enode://d87c03855093a39dced2af54d39b827e4e841fd0ca98673b2e94681d9d52d2f1b[email protected]

enode://fcb5a1a8d65eb167cd3030ca9ae35aa8e290b9add3eb46481d0fbd1eb10065aee[email protected]

Community Bootnodes

enode://269ecefca0b4cd09bf959c2029b2c2caf76b34289eb6717d735ce4ca49fbafa91[email protected]
enode://571be7fe060b183037db29f8fe08e4fed6e87fbb6e7bc24bc34e562adf09e29e0[email protected]

Submit a PR to add a bootnode to the community list here.

Node Syncing

It can take some time for your node to fully sync to the Masa Testnet 2.0 - please be patient while your node catches up with the most recent blocks.

Node UI


  • React.js & Typescript
  • Docker for deployment
  • The Node UI runs when you deploy using the Docker compose files above
    Navigate to you local host to interact with the Masa Node

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