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Bot killer

With Masa Green you can kill bots and comply with regulation while preserving an individuals' privacy. Using two-factor authentication Masa Green can verify an on-chain user and prove they are human (and not a bot) with 99% effectiveness.

Using Masa Green SBT you can quickly and easily kill bots and build

  • Bot-proof allowlists: you can implement Masa Green SBT to verify NFT allowlist registrants on-chain through 2FA in order to build an allowlist of authenticated users
  • Bot-proof airdrop distributions: you can implement Masa Green SBT to verify airdrop claimers through on-chain 2FA in order to prevent airdrop distribution bot manipulations
  • Bot-proof governance voting: you can implement Masa Green SBT to kill bot manipulation of your community or DAO governance voting process through on-chain 2FA

Mint a Masa Green with the Masa SDK

Install Masa SDK

This guide covers using the Masa SDK to mint a Masa Green SBT. You can use either yarn or npm for the installation.

Install via yarn

yarn add @masa-finance/masa-sdk --save

Install via npm

npm i @masa-finance/masa-sdk --save

Configure Masa SDK


A guide on setting up the Masa SDK can be found here: Masa SDK

Mint your first SBT


await masa.session.login()
Logging in
'Welcome to 🌽Masa Finance!

Login with your soulbound web3 identity to unleash the power of DeFi.

Your signature is valid till: Sat, 29 Apr 2023 20:34:09 GMT.
Challenge: fSOg1sykpKT8Pc4o0Q5yBguH9qkzDgCA'

Signature: '0xd29371c9c08e300cc526b626d760475da2388c61e2137b5a153b3d5b4c918f8e11e3b18d16bada3c9a8e7bf7cc1debb0d65f300e3930a72c4774a0e9014c64db1b'

Logged in as:
Address: '0xb3EAE0c0d3e09241a48485D7fDE226587A4E4461'

Mint a Masa Green 2FA SBT

Generate a new Verification entry. This will send the verification code to the phone number.

console.log(`Creating Green for phone number: '${phoneNumber}'`);

const generateResult: GenerateGreenResult = await

Get the code that was sent to the phone number from the user and verify.

const code: string = await readLine(
"The code that has been sent to your phone number: "

const verifyGreenResult: VerifyGreenResult | undefined = await, code);

if (!verifyGreenResult?.success) {
`Verifying Green failed! '${verifyGreenResult?.message}'`

Finally interact with the Masa Green Contract and mint the token.

console.log(`Minting Green on '${masa.config.networkName}'`);

const mintGreenResult: BaseResult | undefined = await


Congratulations you have verified you are not a bot and the user now has a Masa Green SBT in their wallet!

if (mintGreenResult && mintGreenResult.tokenId) {
`Green successfully minted on '${masa.config.networkName}' with token ID: '${mintGreenResult.tokenId}'`


const greens: GreenDetails[] = await;

if (greens.length === 0) {
console.warn("No Masa Green found");

let i = 1;
for (const green of greens) {
console.log(`Token: ${i}`);
console.log(`Token ID: ${green.tokenId}`);
if (green.metadata) {
console.log(`Metadata: ${JSON.stringify(green.metadata, null, 2)}`);

What's next

If you’re interested in using our beta Masa Green SBTs please reach out to or send us a DM on Twitter

ID Verification* (in beta coming soon)

OFAC Wallet screening (in beta coming soon)

Wallet screening (in beta coming soon)