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Custom Soulnames

Soulnames are handles, usernames, and domains in web3

With Masa, you can build an engaged a loyal user base around your game or platform by issuing custom human readable domain names, handles, or aliases. A soulbound domain name is a human-readable address that resolves to a user’s wallet and any SBT identifiers associated with it. It is a combination of letters, numbers, and/or emojis. Soulbound domains are minted as ERC-721 NFTs and through Masa’s SoulLinker contract are linkable to a Masa Identity (MID) and are easily resolvable to any SBT identirifer. Soulbound domains can be sold and traded on OpenSea by your users and are compatible with the OpenSea marketplace.

Using custom soulbound domain names you can

  • Create a custom domain name for your community members as a unique way to showcase community affinity. For example, if you run a corgi community, you can issue custom .corgi domain names through Masa.
  • Create a custom domain name that represents a smart contract object within a metaverse game. An object might be a plot of land that is represented by a smart contract. Using a Soulname to create a naming convention for land plots enables easy customization of in-game object naming.

Whats next

If you’re interested in using our beta Soulname factory please reach out to or send us a DM on Twitter