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SBT Membership badges

With Masa, you can build a membership program using non-transferable, soulbound badges. For example, a web3 gaming platform with active Discord communities can issue a membership badge to their longest-standing community members who will get perks, and access to exclusive offers, and souldrops. In this guide, we cover the steps for setting up a membership program using SBT Badges.

Using soulbound membership badges you can

  • Mint a non-transferable, soulbound badge that represents a user’s community membership as proof-of-status.
  • Use soulbound membership badges as unique identifiers, you can give badge holders different access to perks and rewards.
  • Use soulbound membership badges as unique identifiers, you can market to a specific group of users with membership badge SBTs in their wallets.

For example:

  • Loyalty Program: you can mint various tiers and types of “VIP / OG badges” to represent a user’s loyalty status in a tier-based membership program.
  • Ambassador Program: you can mint various tiers and types of “contributor/moderator/ambassador badges” to represent a member’s community status
  • Employee Program: you can mint various membership badges to reward employees, such as “Employee #1 / #2 / #3”

Create Membership badges using the Masa SDK​

Install Masa SDK​

This guide covers using the Masa SDK and Masa CLI to mint an Authority SBT (ASBT) on the Base Goerli Testnet. You can use either yarn or npm for the installation.

Install via yarn​

yarn add @masa-finance/masa-sdk --save

Install via npm​

npm i @masa-finance/masa-sdk --save

Configure Masa SDK​


A guide how to set up the Masa SDK can be found here: Masa SDK

Deploy SBT Badge contract​

In this guide we will use an Authority SBT that can be minted (dropped) directly to a users wallet without any user interaction with web3.


You will need a minimum of 0.10 of your testnet asset to deploy a contract. This will either be Goerli ETH, Base ETH, Mumbai MATIC, Alfajores Celo, or Testnet BNB.

console.log("Deploying ASBT contract\n");

const name = await readLine("Enter the name of the SBT: ");
const symbol = await readLine("Enter the ticker of the SBT: ");
const baseTokenUri = await readLine("Enter the URL for the metadata image: ");
const adminAddress = await readLine(
`Admin address (leave empty to use: '${await masa.config.wallet.getAddress()}'): `

const address = await masa.sbt.deployASBT(

if (!address) {
console.error("Deployment failed!");

Mint SBT Badge​

It is simple to mint an SBT using the contract address from your deployment - we will use the one we just deployed 0x4d527F3eFD9dCf5fF44284FfB9fe22C6bdc2Da20 and mint an SBT Badge to the receiver 0xb3EAE0c0d3e09241a48485D7fDE226587A4E4461.

const { mintASBT } = await masa.sbt.connect(contractAddress);
await mintASBT(receiver);

Whats next​

If you’re interested in other use cases, you can dive into our guides: