Loan Factory

The Masa loan factory contract can be called by a developer or lender (originator) in order to create a loan contract that can be funded by a liquidity pool. At this stage of the process, a loan contract has a loan_status in a pending state. The loan at this stage is can be thought of like a loan application and is yet to go through its loan_status lifecycle which includes; approved, disapproved, funded, repaid, or late 30, late 60, late 90, defaulted.

The loan factory takes an object that follows the current data schema and can be interfaced with through the Masa Loan Application API.

Developers can also interact directly with the loan factory through the following Loan Factory interface:

            "product_name": "USDC Credit Builder Loan",
            "data": {
                "date": "2019-05-22",
                "amount": 29517.05,
                "principal": 25667,
                "interest": 3580.05,
                "interest_rate": 0.15,
                "fees": null,
                "loan_status": pending,
                "iso_currency_code": USDC,
                "term": 3,
                "rating": null,
                "rating_agency": Masa,
                "votes": 80%, 
                "account": 0x7b7E17Ed506fc0af0d472e093a56AF988a07611D

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