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Masa SBTs

Since our testnet launch in August 2022, we have felt overwhelming enthusiasm from our developer community. More than 800 developers have signed up to build with Masa. There is a clear demand in the blockchain ecosystem for the elegant identity solutions SBTs, and web3 credit scores provide.

You can start building with Masa today by participating in our incentivized Devnet. Join our early access waitlist for Masa Devnet. Masa Devnet empowers developers to deploy SBT smart contracts that soul-links to a Masa Soulbound Identity; mint, burn, and request data via ZK private transaction layer — all through a simple CLI and SDK.

Leveraging Masa Soulbound Identity, you can build a range of use cases:

  • Claim a .soul name (ENS domain name for Soulbound Identity)
  • Web3 Credit Score
  • Soulbound Token Single Sign-On
  • Soulbound Airdrops
  • One-Click NFT Whitelist Registration
  • Web3 KYC and ID Verification
  • Proof-of-Participation
  • Web3 Reputation
  • GameFi
  • Proof-of-identity for DAO governance voting

…or any other project you are working on which can benefit from using SBTs!

To ensure a great developer experience with Masa, we will review and select developers and projects to build on Masa over time. Exciting rewards await selected projects: Masa token rewards, developer documentation first looks, and many more. Get on the list to get invited to Masa’s incentivized devnet and be the first to launch soulbound tokens in web3.

👍 Sign up

Register for the Masa Devnet here

In the meantime, you can download the CLI and start interacting with the Masa protocol - read the guide here.