Masa Finance provides a simple user experience through which people can link, manage, and track traditional and cryptocurrency accounts to create a non-fungible credit report - allowing access to credit through fully on-chain services.

Masa’s credit protocol comprises a decentralized credit bureau and embedded lending protocol consisting of a non-fungible credit report, composable credit primitives, smart contracts, and liquidity pools, enabling developers to launch sophisticated credit products in DeFi to match the existing centralized credit paradigm.

At launch, Masa supports over 10,000 data sources across 78 countries through traditional financial data integrations with Credit Bureaus, Banks, and Fintechs; aggregated together with global cryptocurrency coverage through exchange integrations, Masa unlocks a market of 2.97B people through its credit infrastructure.



These documents are currently in development and may be incomplete in places.

Protocol architecture

The Masa protocol comprises the following core components that enable credit in decentralized finance.

Personal Finance Management (PFM)

To bootstrap the protocol, Masa is launching a PFM platform that allows individuals and businesses to create a holistic financial profile that aggregates their off-chain financial and alternative data with on-chain financial and behavioral data. At launch, Masa will be launching a range of loan products for PFM users with partners.

Masa Blockchain

A fault-tolerant, low block time, blockchain with private transactions and private smart contracts using Zero-Knowledge Proofs (ZKPs). The Masa Testnet is live with private transaction functionality.

Private transaction nodes operate on the Masa Blockchain and are a set of validator nodes that govern and bridge off-chain data with on-chain data and smart contracts. Masa private transaction nodes can perform private transactions using ZKPs, thereby sharing data between parties privately for use in lending smart contracts.

Developer API

The Masa Developer API provides an initiative and easy-to-use toolkit for any developer to build a credit product. Masa's developer API supports 78 countries and 10,000 data sources, processing financial and alternative data.

The developer API includes the following features

  • Loan Registry
  • Credit Smart Contract Primitives
  • DeFi Credit Score
  • Transactional Data Processing
  • Alternative Data Processing

Smart Contracts

Masa provides a set of smart contracts that a developer on the Masa protocol can use. The smart contracts will be launched on Ethereum and Celo to enable a range of loan sizes for different market segments.

Masa v1.0 Contracts
The following smart contracts are under development for use on the Masa protocol.

What’s Next
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