Transaction Manager

The transaction manager:

  • Creates a peer-to-peer network with other transaction managers.
  • Delegates key management and payload encryption/decryption to the enclave.
  • Stores and retrieves saved data from the database.
  • Distributes private transaction payloads for privacy-enabled Masa clients.

Private transaction flow

The transaction manager distributes private payloads received from the privacy-enabled Masa clients.

Normal private transactions

  1. Participant A sends a private transaction to their Masa node A.
  2. The Masa node serializes the private transaction data value to JSON and sends it to Private Transaction Node A with participant details.
  3. Tessera encrypts the data and distributes it to transaction participants.
  4. Tessera returns the hash of the encrypted data to Masa node A. Masa replaces the private transaction data value with the hash. The Masas node signs the private transaction and sets the v value to 37 or 38 to mark the transaction as private.
  5. The Masa protocol distributes the private transaction throughout the network.
  6. All nodes can see the transaction. Only transaction participants (participants A and B) can get the decrypted data from Tessera and execute the transaction.

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