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Welcome to the Masa Analytics developer documentation!

As a builder in the web3 space, you need powerful analytics to understand your users, grow your community, and optimize your decentralized applications. However, protecting your users' privacy and anonymity - core tenets of web3 - is paramount.

That's where Masa comes in.

Masa provides privacy-preserving web2 and web3 behavioral analytics designed specifically for blockchain applications and networks. With just a few lines of code, you can integrate seamless tracking and analytics into your DApps without compromising your users' privacy in any way.

Collect comprehensive insights on user behavior, including:

  • Page views
  • Wallet connections and transactions
  • Social interactions
  • ... and more, all while fully respecting user privacy and anonymity.

What's Inside?

In this developer documentation, you'll find everything you need to integrate Masa into your project:

Let's get started! At Masa, we believe advanced analytics in web3 doesn't have to come at the expense of user privacy. We're excited to help you gain key insights to create the best user experience without compromising your ethics.